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Keep your radiofrequency environment safe!

Detect, Locate and Analyse all radio transmitters.

RFence introduced by: Gauthier Traisnel

Protect your site from potential threats

Intrusion, jamming, data theft, spoofing...

Professional wireless networks have become ubiquitous.

Controlling the threats and risks involved is essential to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently.

The radiofrequency environment: the new security challenge

Firewalls and cybersecurity rules are implemented; intrusion detection and security systems are running, and all the industrial best practices are established. But what about radiofrequency attacks?

Multiple applications

Our solution is designed for all sites with critical security needs: industrial sites (SEVESO, ATEX standard), logistics sites, government buildings, ports, airports, penitentiary facilities, etc.
Our flexible software adapts to your environment to fully meet your needs.


A large-scale monitoring solution

Knowing any radio signals present allows you to detect and locate any activity on your site.
With an optimal detection distance of up to 2 km, our solution can cover specific areas that were previously difficult to monitor.

A solution interoperable with all your security systems

RFence is a designer of radio frequency security systems. In order to provide you with a complete solution, we work closely with recognised players in the security market, whether they are integrators, distributors, hypervisor software or remote surveillance systems.


Trust and transparency are at the heart of RFence and our activities


RFence accompanies you as radio technologies evolve



Simple to use, direct, realistic, our team aims to make radio issues accessible to all


Our expert partners trust us because we respect our commitments

They trust us

Ready to update your site's security?

A specific need, a question?

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