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Detect and counter unauthorized access and suspicious activities!

Horus Detect & Locate

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Instant detection

Accurate location

Device enumeration

Device recognition

Configurable alerts

Detection by Radio frequency

Radiofrequency intrusion detection represents an innovative approach to enhancing the security of sensitive sites. Built upon military-derived technology, this method provides comprehensive coverage, eliminating blind spots and ensuring continuous and precise monitoring, even in complex surveillance environments. From large industrial complexes to abandoned lots, densely populated areas to level terrain, this approach greatly simplifies presence detection, offering a dependable solution for diverse and demanding contexts.

Relevant informations

Horus also stands out due to the relevance of its detections. Thanks to an advanced analysis of the radiofrequency environment, our system can accurately differentiate human activities from noise signals. Furthermore, RF signals contain crucial information that helps determine whether the detected presence is familiar or not. This feature provides you with a precise and reliable solution, boasting a low rate of false positives. As a result, you can have complete trust in the alerts generated by our system, thus enhancing your ability to respond effectively to potential threats.

A customized solution

At RFence, we understand that every site comes with its own security challenges. That's why we offer tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our team of experts is more than happy to welcome you for a live demonstration, showcasing how our technology can be optimally applied to your environment. Whether you're looking to enhance security for your industrial facilities, sensitive zones, or critical infrastructure, RFence is your trusted partner for effective protection.

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