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The Challenges of Radiofrequency Sovereignty

The radiofrequency environment, encompassing all wireless networks and connected devices, is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. From mobile phones to computers, security, production, and logistics equipment, the widespread use of wireless networks enhances efficiency and productivity. However, these technological advancements also bring about risks that cannot be overlooked.

At RFence, we offer a solution that enables you to monitor and analyze all interactions and devices present on your site. This approach provides you with complete control while preserving the sovereignty of your radiofrequency environment. By actively understanding and managing exchanges within this spectrum, you can secure your infrastructure and minimize potential threats, thereby ensuring a reliable and secure operational environment.

The New Frontier of Cybersecurity

The rapid evolution of technology and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) have introduced new levels of complexity to the cybersecurity landscape. While many solutions exist to protect against traditional threats and detect common vulnerabilities, the use of wireless communications has opened the door to new vulnerabilities.

Risks such as data leakage, remote takeover, and spoofing demand a more robust and tailored security approach to address these new technological realities.

Our approach enables monitoring and control of exchanges between devices, ensuring the integrity of networks, devices, and data. By having precise visibility into interactions within the radiofrequency environment, you can detect suspicious activities, prevent potential attacks, and maintain overall security of your infrastructure.

Risks Associated with Jamming

Jamming represents a particularly concerning threat that can seriously disrupt the proper functioning of critical industrial and logistics sites. Its principle is relatively simple: emitting powerful signals on specific communication frequencies, thereby impeding their normal use.

Despite the inherent advancements of the Internet of Things (IoT), jammers have become increasingly sophisticated, capable of frequency hopping or disguising themselves as conventional signals.

At RFence, we possess the necessary expertise to reliably detect and locate the presence of a jammer, regardless of its performance level. This solution will enable you to respond swiftly and effectively to address this issue.

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