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of radio transmitters

Our solution allows the detection of all radio activities across the entire radio spectrum currently in use. We are able to detect any emitting devices! This includes mobile phones (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc.), Walkie-Talkies, all IoT devices, some vehicles, homemade radio transmitters, etc.

HORUS allows the accurate localization of these different devices and the knowledge of all radio signal activities in your critical areas. The range of the sensors allows coverage of large areas. The system is fully configurable to your site's requirements.

Location and control

Spectrum analysis 
& Alerting

We automatically analyse the various data captured to alert you instantly to any suspicious activities. Thanks to our innovative "soft-identification" algorithm, you can create white/black lists of authorized and unauthorized devices and thus differentiate between threatening intrusion and normal activity.

Simple and Secure installation

The sensors

We work with a range of radio frequency analysis equipment suppliers. We adapt the solution to your needs and budget.

​These sensors are entirely passive, they do not emit any radio signals themselves.

With our flexibile sensors, we are sure to have to have broad coverage of your needs, and we can adapt to your site.

The software

HORUS allows the analysis of your radio environment using classical radio analysis techniques coupled with our artificial intelligence tools.

The software can be installed on site with a dedicated machine or on your server.

With our unique device identification method and solution architecture, we are fully GDPR compliant by design.

Our team supports you in setting up the solution according to your needs so that you can take full advantage of it.

We adapt to your environment!

Do you have a more specific need? A project requiring study and a tailor-made solution? Our team is available!

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