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Maintain control of your airspace!

Horus UAV

Horus UAV

Detection of all drones

Accurate location

Operator association

UAV identification

Configurable alerts

A unique detection method

While most anti-drone solutions rely on the mandatory transponder detection for drones over 800 grams in France, this method, although relatively effective, does not address all threats and allows certain drones to go undetected.

By applying our detection method to perimeter protection, we can detect and locate all existing civilian UAVs. This approach provides you with a precise and effective solution for airspace control, covering all drones and ensuring enhanced security. Moreover, with our unique detection method, we have the ability to identify known drones, creating lists of authorized devices and providing you with increasingly relevant information.

What countermeasures?

Once the threat is detected and located, several technical countermeasures can be considered, although legal constraints might limit some options. For instance, jamming the drone is technically feasible but strictly prohibited from a legal standpoint.

At RFence, we prioritize an approach that emphasizes information collection to trigger an appropriate response from your security teams. We conduct a thorough analysis of the drone to provide a maximum amount of data, both on the device itself and its operator. From the moment the drone takes off, we can detect it, establish its connection with the pilot, and provide you with the pilot's position, enabling you to react effectively.

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